New Course: “Competence in Intercultural Communication” (SGI, Autumn 2018)

Professor Daria Berg announces a new Master-level course that will take place at the St.Gallen Institute of Management in Asia (SGI-HSG), where she chairs the Centre for Intercultural Competence:

“Competence in Intercultural Communication”

MA Course in Singapore, Autumn Semester 2018
Convenor: Prof. Dr. Daria Berg

29 October – 2 November 2018

Application Deadline Extended until 13 September

“When yes means no! (or yes or maybe)”, a book by Brahm (2003) on doing business in China, alerts us to the pitfalls of communication in an alien culture. In the era of globalisation, the need for intercultural communication competence is key to success in public, private and working life.

How do we survive and succeed when we want to do business in East Asia? How do we communicate effectively within a different culture? How do we develop empathy within an alien cultural context? How do we cope with cultural differences?

This course explores practical and theoretical approaches to intercultural communication competence. Multi-cultural Singapore servers as an example for approaches to intercultural competence. Using Singapore as a platform for fieldwork and total immersion in the East Asian cultural context, we shall investigate, explore and practise intercultural communication competence with a focus on Singapore, the Chinese world and global issues.

Learning Goals

To foster intercultural awareness and communication skills, to examine, explore and practise intercultural communication competence, making use of Singapore as a case study and a platform for fieldwork.

Course Structure

This course is taught as a block seminar within one week in Singapore during Autumn Break 2018. Literature: An online reader will be available on Studynet by week 2.